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What are the special aspects of custom wardrobe? Keep these five points in mind

When it comes to custom wardrobes, it seems that there is always an endless topic of debate: whether to do a cabinet to the top, how to consider the material, how to design the spatial pattern, how to grasp the custom size, how to choose the custom style... A series of problems lie ahead, and there is no way to start.
In fact, seemingly professional and trivial problems, after finding a breakthrough, will be solved in an instant. As for the custom wardrobe, just grasp the choice of substrate and hardware, plan the space layout, choose a good style, and consider the pros and cons of the top, you can create a high-quality, high appearance level, personalized custom wardrobe that meets the needs of family storage. Of course, for the pursuit of one-step consumers, choosing a high-quality brand can achieve the effect of "once and for all", and it is also a good choice.
Is the top design achieved?
Is it really necessary for the wardrobe to take up the entire wall space? The answer is obviously yes. In terms of storage, the design of one cabinet to the top seems to occupy a large area of indoor space, but it cleverly increases the storage space and relieves the storage pressure of the living room. In terms of visual effects, make good use of the whole wall, customize the wardrobe from top to bottom tight and wide shape, with a strong visual impact, showing the atmosphere, simple high-level wind; It is worth noting that in the grasp of custom size, can not be penny wise, in order to reduce the use of area and compress the size of the custom wardrobe, the final effect will be greatly discounted.
How to choose the material?
After determining the top design, one of the priorities is the choice of materials. Custom wardrobes belong to durable goods, years of companionship require high-quality raw materials to maintain the long service life of furniture, and the durability of the plate is the key. Taking the furniture board produced by Holz as an example, the non-aldehyde moisture-proof board is used as the base material, and the CPL finish with excellent performance such as scratch resistance, burn resistance, health and environmental protection gives the customized wardrobe strong and durable quality and safe and environmental quality.
How to guarantee the quality of hardware?
If the material is compared to the external standard, then the hardware is a measure of the internal merits and demerits. Hardware is often overlooked as a detail, many owners tend to choose in order to save worry, at will. But the details of the prescription show effort, small hardware can pose a big threat to product quality. In order to ensure the excellence of the overall performance of the custom wardrobe, Holtz selects high-quality hardware accessories to ensure the quality of the product and make it more convenient for daily use.
How to design the space layout?
Maximize the use of space in addition to the treatment of the sky, but also combined with the height, width, depth of the custom wardrobe general layout, design the daily use area and storage area space size; Then integrate the needs of family storage, carry out the inner part of the interval, reserve the hanging area, stacking area, drawer area, idle area and other regional design, or according to the functional use needs for flexible processing, the custom wardrobe of a large space is divided into several parts that can be flexibly used to achieve the effect of full use.
What is the style tendency?
After planning the creation of the early hardware, as a large area of custom wardrobe, its overall image has a strong impact on the design of the style of home space. How to create a more personalized and beautiful custom wardrobe based on the function of meeting diverse needs? Holz not only strictly checks the product quality, keeps up with the trend of The Times in style innovation, grasps the cutting-edge fashion factors, integrates into the design of home products, and adjusts according to the overall home decoration style to achieve the overall adaptation, and the individual without losing the unique artistic effect, which is favored by consumers.
In the huge home improvement process, although custom wardrobe only belongs to one of the links, but it has a pivotal role, need to be measured from many aspects. Only by grasping every detail, can we eventually converge into a piece of work with excellent quality, fashionable appearance and convenient use, and help us to live a happy life.

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