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Custom closet tread pit guide

When choosing a custom wardrobe, many people generally pay more attention to whether the plate is environmentally friendly, whether the style is good-looking, often ignoring the layout of the internal space of the wardrobe, such as how to allocate space in the hanging area and folding area, and whether the height of the hanging area of the wardrobe is reasonable, so the custom wardrobe is also a lot of attention.
1. Make sure you have at least three drawers
Many people will save money, as long as 1-2 wardrobers, and so on after really moving in, only to find that it is not enough, too many small things to put, so when the custom wardrobe, it is recommended to do 3-4 drawers.
2. Don't make the hanging pole too high
If there is a short person at home, it is recommended not to make the hanging pole high, the installation height of the hanging pole should be the height of the owner plus 20 cm is the best. The distance between the top edge of the hanging rod and the top plate of the cabinet is 40mm to 60mm.
3. Don't make a sliding door in your closet
When the sliding door is in use, it can only open one side of the door, and the other side can not be closed, so it can be more convenient to open all at the same time, and the guide rail at the bottom of the sliding door is also very easy to accumulate dust, which is not convenient to clean.
4. The internal space layout of the wardrobe should be reasonable
General wardrobe internal partition will have long clothes area, short clothes area, folding area, if you like to wear long skirts or long coats, then reserve some space to do the long clothes area, if you feel that the hanging area is too wasteful of space, you can set up multi-layer partition to do the folding area, folding area storage function is stronger than the hanging area.
5. Never choose a fixed trellis
Wardrobe lattice rack looks very practical, can be used to store socks, belts and other small items, but when you really practical, found very difficult to use, this lattice is fixed, a little bit of items can not plug, so it is recommended not to install this fixed lattice rack, later you can directly buy those flexible lattice rack.
6. Add movable partitions
The stacking area inside the cabinet should use movable partitions, which can be adjusted higher and lower, so that it can be flexibly used in the later period.
7. The door of the closet should be cushioned
The wardrobe door must remember to take buffer, otherwise there will be a lot of noise when closing the door.
8. Make your closet top
The custom wardrobe should be top, so that it looks beautiful, and the top will not accumulate dust, in addition, it can also store large things such as quilts, so that you can maximize the use of space.

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