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What is the most thought when decorating

For the owner, what is the most thought when decorating? The storage cabinet can take the crown.
The meaning of customization is ultimately to achieve a convenient lifestyle, whether it is a porch cabinet, TV cabinet, dinner side cabinet, tatami or wardrobe, the design of custom cabinets should be more flexible and practical.
The cabinet is synchronized with the room type
Custom cabinet, from the drawing design stage to begin to consider. Before the construction of the site, the cabinet distribution, structure and details of the whole house must be planned first.
When designing custom cabinets, we must learn to change our thinking, try to turn the "convex cabinet" into "concave cabinet", appropriately remove the excess wall and turn it into a built-in cabinet.
Built-in cabinet, not only the overall design is better, the storage amount is huge at the same time, the volume is hidden in the wall, the space is more light and transparent.
Two ways to design a concave cabinet
One is to adjust the position of the door: due to the unreasonable design of the position of many bedroom doors, the wardrobe cannot be extended to the doorway area, which wastes a lot of space. When you encounter this situation, according to the actual situation, move the position of the door to the left and right some distance to ensure that there is enough space for the wardrobe, so that your custom wardrobe can grow by at least 1 meter.
The second is to adjust the position of the wall: in the place where a custom cabinet is needed, if there is a lack of wall fixing, the cabinet can be fixed or divided into functional areas by hitting side walls at both ends of the cabinet.
Form follows function
Take the TV cabinet for example:
The height is sky-high, and the depth is light and thin. The height of the TV cabinet can be below the suspended ceiling, up to about 2400mm, the depth can be selected as ultra-thin depth 260mm, and the width can be glued to the whole wall, so that there is both a sense of integrity and a large storage space.
The most difficult thing to tidy up in the living room is the socket wire, you can design the socket area and electrical area according to the function of the TV cabinet, and a 50mm sandwich can be made behind the wall to hide the wire, so it looks quite neat. The sockets here, in addition to the ordinary 5-hole socket, are properly equipped with USB sockets and wall routers.
The form of the custom cabinet should be designed according to the actual use needs, and the structure of your cabinet should be designed according to these functions, which can make you use it more satisfactory.
Use inefficient space wisely
Chicken rib space + smart customization =, space
Compared with the finished cabinet, the most prominent advantage of the custom cabinet is that it can be "tailored". Especially in some inefficient Spaces that are difficult to use, such as doors, bay Windows, column angles and other areas, custom cabinets can shine.
For example, tatami is now a must for many families, and the design of tatami + locker + desk is a relatively suitable combination. However, such a design will inevitably have a "chicken rib" space, that is, the deep and narrow dead space at the junction of the tatami and the high cabinet, and the average family will ignore it.
But in fact, this area can be transformed into a space, using the advantages of custom furniture, do a wheel pallet, pull in and out from the side of the corner, so that this dead corner becomes a storage area for large items, and the dead corner can be used to live! Therefore, before making cabinets, we must plan every corner!

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