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Wall Mounted Walking Wardrobe

Wall Mounted Walking Wardrobe

Wardrobes mounted to the walls provide an efficient way of increasing closet space and organizing clothing efficiently. There are various designs to choose from; some feature doors to conceal what's inside while others provide open storage with compartments for shoes, bags and other items; some come equipped with drawers and built in dividers as well!

A wardrobe wall can be the perfect finishing touch to any room and can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of any space. They are versatile enough to serve many functions including clothing storage, blanket storage and pillow storing as well as being used as an entryway or mudroom storage area - perfect for placing coats and shoes before heading out the door!

Albed's Wall mounted walk in wardrobe system makes creating a custom dressing room in your home easy. The modular components can be free to be positioned wherever needed and customized with shelves, hanging rods and modular drawer units as desired. Furthermore, back panels come equipped with mirror, melamine or lacquer finishes and can even be cut to size depending on your project requirements.

Hanging storage is especially crucial in small closets. To maximize space, consider hanging one 40" hanging rod on an adjacent vertical wall for shirts and dresses and another 80" rod for long jackets and tops - this way your clothes are easily found while making the space appear larger overall.

Shelving is essential in wall-mounted closets. It allows for convenient storage of sweaters, bags and other light clothing items like scarves. Wire shelving works best because garments will hang evenly when hanging up to dry; adjustable shelf brackets make installation much simpler.

An attractive option for your wardrobe could be a set of floor-to-ceiling shelves. These are particularly popular in master bedrooms for storing clothing and shoes; alternatively they could also serve as decorative elements within an open closet space.

Glass shelves give any closet a modern and sophisticated feel. These work well in bedrooms with neutral color palettes. For something more rustic, wooden shelves could work.

Wardrobes that hang from the ceiling offer more storage than free-standing ones and are ideal for attics and low ceilings, providing additional shelving, hangers, drawers and shoe racks - plus they look fantastic too! Customisation possibilities include shelves, hangers, drawers and shoe racks. Furthermore, these wardrobes can be fitted with beds or murphy beds to create multifunctional dressing spaces; windows may also be added for more natural lighting allowing fresh air into your dressing area when desired - these windows may also come equipped with mirrors so you can add depth and light into any space you're creating!

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